Free Time + Covid-19 Quarantine =

Trump Games

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Just another BORED developer in covid-19 Quarantine time. nothing speciaL, JUST PLAY THE Games, Share with Friends, Spam you enemines - everting is accepeable, i need money ;)

Donald, if you read this lines, i got an offer for you. leave the politics and let open a company that create games based on your CHARACTER, or change your CHARACTER based on games. ;)


our games are simple, funny & all of them staring Donald trump. Why? the answer is simple - we think that trump is A funny guy and as the president of U.s.A he deserveS it.
All our games are free & contains the minimal amout of ads.


Android | Google Play Store

Clone of the poplar game "Flappy Bird" but in our version - the bird is Donald Trump. He must avoid the Covid-18 Virus & Jail towers.
Based on Open Source game Flappy Cow

Did Donald Trump Say It? - Trivia Quiz‏

Android | Google Play Store

Take our quiz and find out if you can tell the difference between Donald Trump and others like Kanye West, Ghandi, Professor Umbridge, Joe Exotic, Nelson Mandela, Henry Ford, Warren Buffett & many more.
Based on Open Source game solitaire-android

Trump Invader

Android | Google Play Store

Space Invaders is considered one of the most influential video games of all time. humoristic version staring Donald Trump as the invaders & Make America Great Again Hat.
Based on Open Source game SpaceInvaders

Pop up Trump

Android | Google Play Store

Pop up Trump Ballons.

Based on Open Source game Pop Ballon


Quarantine, too much free time. Come with an idea of creating games with Trump.
"Make Games Great Again" Hats
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Games uploaded to Play Store
Games uploaded to Play Store
March 2020
Killing the "Make Games Great Again" Hats Idea


You can try to contact us and we will try to avoid answering you if you are not Donald Trump.

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